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   With over 25 years of experience in the horticulture industry Melissa Kruyt (owner) has designed interior plantscapes for many offices,
   showrooms, foyers, hotels and shopping centres through out Melbourne and Sydney. 

   Melissa heads the company’s plantscaping design work and provides quotations.

   The company’s success has been built on being able to provide our clients with  beautiful, lush, colourful and flowering plants along
   with a quality service that our competitors find difficult to match. 

At Interior Oasis we know that the small things really do make a difference, such as returning phone calls immediately and following up
   on requests straight away.

   We keep you informed -  we realize that a quick 20 seconds phone call to keep you up to speed on when that additional plant will be installed
   is an important part of our service. 

   Our people are not only meticulously trained in the ways of horticulture but also in the ways of office etiquette. We always check with the
   receptionist to see if the boardroom and meeting rooms are free before going into water the plants. Our staff knows that a friendly smile and
   hello is welcomed but long conversations can be disruptive to your staff.

   Fussy customers are our specialty - We know that some people demand perfection and want everything done yesterday.

   In today's high pressure working environment we understand this and are happy to cater to these needs. Melissa prefers to deal directly with
   such clients to ensure 110% satisfaction. We find that though we have to work harder to please these clients, they do tend to be our loyalist
   customers and frequently recommend our service onto other business associates.

   If you are after quality with fast reliable service at competitive rates, call us for a non obligation quote.

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