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   When you contact us, Melissa will make a time with you to come and view your premises. From here you can look through our catalogue
   at our full range of plants and planters. Melissa will then make recommendations depending on varying light conditions and the type of
   look you would like to achieve.

Quotations are then submitted to you within 24hrs. There is of course no cost for this service and they are obligation free.


Some of our clients choose to use plants just in their main focal areas such as reception and the boardroom.  Here the “In Vogue”
   range is well suited.  Some choose the “In Vogue” range for these focal areas and the “Classical” range for the rest of the offices.
   Others select the “Vogue” range throughout.  We are flexible and there are many ways to cater to your plant hire budget.

The “In Vogue” range is perfectly suited for building foyers. Here beautiful pots and large colourful and flowering plants can be used
   for breathtaking results. Melissa will be happy to design a few different options for you to view.

Depending on your products and the image you would like to portray, a design can be created to reflect this. From the latest “in look”
   to large 15 ft palms, we can put together a quotation to suite your needs.

We understand that presentation is of the utmost importance here. As mentioned before, fussy customers are our specialty.
   Flowers, colour and quality always reflect strongly in these proposals.

Shopping Centres
Here we cater in our quotations not only to presentation but practicality. With such high traffic flow and many children, the plants
   and pots here must be carefully selected.

   Attractive themes can be created for your centre and very importantly our plant care staff know that extra time is required for
   cleaning, trimming and replacement of the plants to ensure they look their best at all times.

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